Top 10 Most Hazardous and Dangerous Countries for Travelers in the World!


Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Trips are always fun and exciting, but not if it’s going to be your very last trip in this world!

Actually, you may encounter horrific robberies, some strangers who’d beat the hell out of you, or your very last moment on Earth. This is not a horror story, this is a reality, and we all know how reality can be extremely terrifying (well, in some countries more than others!)

Don’t let the wonderful scenery, great attractions, and unique culture or architecture fool you! These 10 countries can be seriously fatal for travelers (who should better plan their vacation elsewhere!)

Check out the top 10 deadliest countries for tourists on the next pages. Don’t you even think about visiting one of these countries!


  1. Surprised you did not mention the Maldives. It remains safe if you are part of ISIS and that’s about it~

  2. Do u guyz ever visit India or Pakistan…

  3. Wow. Can’t believe Russia was on the list. We spent six weeks on our 50th anniversary traveling from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. People, without exception, were extremely friendly. Of course, you always need to be aware of your surroundings, domestic or otherwise. Moscow; exceptionally clean, no graffiti, almost need reservations to get into McDonalds. St. Petersburg is beautiful and a “go back to” city!

  4. There is an island in Thailand which is very beautiful and is a massive magnet to the young. However there have been many unexplained deaths in the last few years which the police seem hell bent on covering up, mainly to protect the tourist trade.This island KOH TAO has become very dangerous indeed. Tell your kids to stay away.

  5. A very biased and false dramatization of the situation of Pakistan. Do you have any figures of the tourists killed in any of the terrorist attacks in Pakistan? According to my knowledge at least none in last 5 years. As far as your question as to why someone would like to visit this country, out of many valid reasons I would only enlist a few.
    1. It has the second highest mountain of the world.
    2. Hosts 5 of the 8 above 8000 meter peaks in the world.
    3. Meeting point of 3 most well known mountain ranges i.e. Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalayas.
    4. Has the ruins of the earliest civilizations of the world at Mohenjodaro, Harappa and Taxila.
    I could keep going on but for anyone to be convinced as to whether it’s worth taking a risk, the above few reasons should be enough.


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