10 underrated travel destinations for couples in the United States


Last Updated on December 24, 2020

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The United States of America is a vast and culturally rich country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Many of these tourist attractions and experiences can go unnoticed, not only by foreign tourists, but also by American citizens themselves. After all, there are fifty states spread over more than three and a half million square meters of land. With different people, different cultures, and different landscapes. If you are looking for an uncommon romantic escape or honeymoon destination within the US, you are in the right place. The following places might not be as famous as some emblematic American romantic gateways, such as the Niagara Falls or Honolulu. But they have their own charm and will certainly be able to provide both you and your loved one a wonderful time. Here are some of the United States’ best underrated romantic destinations.

1. Key Largo (Florida)

The state of Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and amazing nightlife. Key West, an island in the southernmost part of the country, is already a well-known travel destination for couples. So try Key Largo instead! Besides the wonderful sunsets and the typical activities that paradisiac destinations have to offer – such as boat trips and romantic date nights in a restaurant overlooking the sea –, Key Largo is just an hour’s drive away from Miami.

2. Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri)

This reservoir in central Missouri with a serpentine shape is a surprising destination for romantic dates. The resorts on the shoreline of the lake can offer couples a handful of lovely and unforgettable experiences. You can have diner right next to the lake and enjoy the beautiful sunset and its reflection in the waters. Or take an early morning boat ride while hearing the birds chirping. Some places even have luxury suites with private jacuzzis where you can relax while enjoying the amazing views. It all depends on your budget.

3. Savannah (Georgia)

Savannah is one of the oldest US cities, which in itself makes it full of history. In fact, its extensive history and amazing old buildings are some of the main reasons why thousands of people visit the city each year. However, its beautiful scenery and amazing food also make it a great place to visit with your date. You can plan a picnic in the famous Forsyth Park, take a walk to enjoy nature at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens (it’s such a romantic place that people often choose to have their weddings right there!), or kiss at sunrise at the Tybee Island. There’s so much you can do!

4. Charleston (South Carolina)

This has to be the most romantic vacation destination in South Carolina for a weekend gateway. There are so many romantic things you can arrange! And wherever you look, you’ll always feel like you are living a fairy tale. Take a carriage ride through the cobblestone streets and visit the gardens of Middleton Place. If you love nature, just picture yourself kissing your partner under the iconic Angel Oak Tree. It can’t get any greater!

5. Nantucket (Massachusetts)

Nantucket is a charming small island with just 11 thousand inhabitants. If you live near Boston, this is a beautiful destination to visit with your partner. You can find cheap flight tickets or, if you prefer, you can take the ferry. Once you are there, there’s no shortage of romantic things for both of you to do. Walk the small streets in downtown Nantucket, do some shopping in those small boutiques, rent a bike to explore the outer beaches, and spend the night in one of their lovely hotels.

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6. St. Croix (US Virgin Islands)

If the paradisiacal places are the ones you like best, then you might find the island of St. Croix to be the most romantic honeymoon destination on this list. These are the Caribbean islands. Every couple’s dream! Enjoy St. Croix’s those amazing beaches and make sure you wake up early enough to see a memorable sunrise at Point Udal. You can also take a sunset sail to admire the sunset from a sailboat: just you, your loved one, and the beautiful scenery.

7. Asheville (North Carolina)

Asheville is the perfect combination of city life and nature. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this city has a lot to offer for people who are deeply in love. Rent a rustic mountain cabin and enjoy a cozy meal near the fireplace. Then get in the tub and enjoy the view of the mountains as the sun goes down. Relax and have a wonderful night’s sleep because the next day, you will have lots of outdoor activities to do, such as hiking and exploring waterfalls and bike trails.

8. Carmel-by-the-sea (California)

Those of you who live on the West side of the US have the opportunity to easily visit one of the most amazing cities for romance in the entire country: Carmel-by-the-sea. Even the name sounds romantic! This little beach town has everything you can think of: world-class restaurants, unique shops, art galleries, an outstanding beach, and exceptional hotels. Just imagine walking down the streets of Carmel-by-the-sea while holding the hand of the love of your life.

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9. Santa Catalina Island (California)

Another island. This proves that there’s always a certain romanticism associated with these places. Maybe being surrounded by the sea makes us more passionate. Who knows. Santa Catalina Island is located about 30 miles south from Long Beach, one of the most famous places in California. It is very tiny and only has about 4 thousand inhabitants, so it is the perfect place for a romantic gateway away from the big city.

10. Saranac Lake (New York)

This small town located on the north side of the state of New York will certainly surprise you. Spend the night in a wooden cabin on the shores of the Lower Saranac Lake and enjoy the beautiful colors of nature and its landscapes. You will also find superb restaurants. Because love is even better after an amazing meal.


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